Updated: May 17

Who ARE you?

I’m Brian. :D I’m a working clinical psychiatrist in Texas hell bent on making sure that people can find the appropriate mental healthcare when they need it. As a mental health entrepreneur, I firmly believe “do what you’re good at and don’t do what you’re not good at” which is why I’m still seeing patients ( and helping manage practices ( I know exactly what it’s like to be a therapist in 2021 and Gide is the tech side of saving your sanity.

Why’d you create Gide?

Because every time someone asks me “do you know a therapist who...?” and I don’t have an answer, a little piece of me dies inside. We need a better way of connecting people in the mental health space while empowering therapists as stewards of the profession. Gide’s navigators (therapists) are the very people who know the system best.

Why should I trust another mental health startup?

Take a look at the founders, the mission, and the execution of the startup. Ask yourself “what’s in it for them?” For Matt and I, we believe in personal empowerment: every therapist has the right to live and work how they see fit. Gide is a tool to improve therapist autonomy and help their clients/patients find the best match.

Trust is earned and in a capitalist society, trusting software companies right now is a stretch. We hope you’ll walk with us as we grow Gide into a reliable support tool for therapists.

Seriously, do you sell our data?

No. We do not sell your data. We use your data to help build you a better product in a diverse, equitable, and just way. You can always opt out of emails from us and your data stays secure. Want to be forgotten? We can do that too.

Can non-licensed, non-mental health people (marketers, PCPs, students, etc) join?

Soon. The first phase is to reach a critical mass of therapists so that we can better communicate with one another. Once Gide has enough therapists, we’ll connect PCPs, marketers, and other front line mental health staff through a unique interface. Watch and see; it’ll be really cool.

Can patients/clients join gide?

No. Y’all, HIPAA compliance in software is super expensive. Rather than manage PHI, we’ve chosen to foster connection between you and your colleagues (who are likely managing your HIPAA stuff under your own infrastructure(s).) Contact your colleague directly and see how they like to receive HIPAA protected information (e.g. phone calls, portals, fax, etc.)

How is this different from Psychology Today?

PT is not a “safe space” to share your focus areas. It’s designed to be “top of funnel” and catch as many people as possible which leads to the “compassion paradox”: how to balance quality care with goodness of fit. Gide allows you the space, freedom, and flexibility to be your authentic self. (We even have video bios!) Think of us as Psychology Tomorrow. :D

What prevents therapists/users from “cherry picking” patients/clients?

Every therapist has their focus areas that energizes them. When there’s client-therapist mismatch, it creates compassion asymmetry which can lead to burnout. Gide creates intentional connections with users (all therapists) as the filter. What individual patients/clients do with the information they receive and what Gide users get from potential patients/clients is up to both parties. (If you need practice management and business coaching, contact Simply Psych.)

Can I use Gide as a revenue generating service in my own practice?

That’s up to you! As long as you’re abiding by the terms and conditions, we encourage you to stretch your autonomy and entrepreneurship as a mental health clinician. Our company plans to establish its own “in-house” triage service in the future so we’ll keep users posted.

How do I give feedback or suggestions?

Just email us directly:

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