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Human. Being.

We've seen it time and again:  therapists pay search engines to attract clients only to have computer algorithms mistake ad-based keywords for compassionate connection.  

Where is the human intuition?  Is software being helpful?


Enter gide:  An affordable platform for therapists to match with clients inside their strengths. gide shifts control from an algorithm back to the ones who know mental health best: therapists.


Every client story is different and every therapist's strengths vary.  

gide's powerful and unique search features provide you with up-to-date contact info for clinicians across the country, shareable in an instant.  No more need for business cards or email chains; just point-of-service vetted referrals for you, your families, and your clients.


The future of targeted quality referrals is now at every therapists' fingertips.  A gide user is a human being being human.

You're a terrible therapist for yourself; we must transform the art of finding the best fit therapist for ourselves and those depending on us.-Dr. Brian Dixon, MD

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