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“Do y’all know anyone who….”

How many times have you received this text/call/email? We know for a fact it’s more than a few, because we’ve had the same experience. As therapists in practice, we juggle the complexities of clinical care with the sobering details of business administration. Marketing (both sending and receiving referrals) is time consuming and fraught with error: who's in network? who's seeing new clients? what's your specialty again? 

It’s time to put humanity back into the referral process.

Gide is a dynamic software that replaces cold computer algorithms with live, human decision makers, offering real time, up-to-date, accurate referrals. As small businesses in the mental health field, it can be difficult and costly for therapists to locate and connect with the ideal potential clients that fall within their strength areas. We give you the tools to make an informed choice on where to send a client and to help your colleagues do the same.

A novel approach to targeted referrals, the Gide app connects therapists across the country, allowing them to seamlessly and easily share "best-fit" therapy options to anyone they encounter.  The result: personalized and vetted therapist matches for everyone. By removing “machine-learning” and putting the human front and center into the referral process, YOU, the therapist, become the algorithm. 

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Brian Dixon, MD

Brian J. Dixon, MD is a psychiatrist and entrepreneur who fell into business by necessity. Burned out in the traditional healthcare system, he built a private direct care practice ( to be better able to meet the needs of his patients and staff. A recipient of the Fort Worth Business Press 40 Under 40 Award in 2017, Dr. Dixon is expanding the world of mental health entrepreneurship practice management ( and the dynamic sales and marketing power of Gide. He is committed to defeating stigma and making mental health an economic force for good (

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Matt Ryavec

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